Thursday, January 05, 2006

IDEAS _ movie transmissions for extraterrestrial eye/receiver

as Imax prides itself to deliver "the largest, sharpest and brightest images imaginable. Light from the 15,000-watt lamp of some IMAX projectors is so bright that, if one were operated on the moon, people on Earth could see it with the naked eye".
Conceptually I am seduced to reverse the system i.e. if operated on Earth, eyes/receivers ex-Earth could see it.
Imagining the dome as a screen that is transparent, and that provides a viewing membrane for the outer space, though I can imagine using the clouds as the screen membrane. would that work.
My IMAX movie, or my FAILED IMAX movie as it might end up being if IMAX does not deliver,
is conceptually a video transmission into space.
you might think of strata of clouds that it needs to break through, just refer to satellite images of earth on a "cloudy day"
so the 90 second movie (90 second is the maximum of one imax film reel) might be a transmission with interruptions.
the interruptions themselves could be interpreted by extra-terrestrials as some sort of code.


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