Tuesday, January 17, 2006

IMAGE _ Lioness in the mail

just arrived. a 10ft piece of IMAX shot footage I bought some time ago at ebay. The image was unknown.
and here it is.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IDEAS - Explosion, Implosion

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ideas _communication to out there

came across those two photographs in "Beyond Outer Shores" that I am reading, about Old Masset and Haida tribes on the shores of Haida Gwaii. THe two photographs (from 1890 and 1922) mark the disappearance of totem poles that came with Christian white folk.
The row of the totem poles as a way to communicate with the ocean.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

LINK _ Harry Potter

LINK _ beamed into space

I like that an audio track was attached identifying the message as originating from Earth.
maybe this can give you inspiration.

IDEAS _ movie transmissions for extraterrestrial eye/receiver

as Imax prides itself to deliver "the largest, sharpest and brightest images imaginable. Light from the 15,000-watt lamp of some IMAX projectors is so bright that, if one were operated on the moon, people on Earth could see it with the naked eye".
Conceptually I am seduced to reverse the system i.e. if operated on Earth, eyes/receivers ex-Earth could see it.
Imagining the dome as a screen that is transparent, and that provides a viewing membrane for the outer space, though I can imagine using the clouds as the screen membrane. would that work.
My IMAX movie, or my FAILED IMAX movie as it might end up being if IMAX does not deliver,
is conceptually a video transmission into space.
you might think of strata of clouds that it needs to break through, just refer to satellite images of earth on a "cloudy day"
so the 90 second movie (90 second is the maximum of one imax film reel) might be a transmission with interruptions.
the interruptions themselves could be interpreted by extra-terrestrials as some sort of code.

Monday, January 02, 2006

LINK_ listening to

obsessive guitar solo of Ernesto Diaz Infante from the Dec 11 playlist of Bethany Ryker on WFMU.
fast forward to around 2hrs into the show on real player>

Image _ tower_dome of popcorn

what should be round is a bit square as I drew it at home on my laptop with the trackpad - sorry.
but after looking at all those clouds I also see popcorn - and thought about a dome of popping corn, bigger then life.
pop-clouds. (remember also silver Warhol clouds that I always liked)
it would be kind of great to film a dome full of popping corn - sort of lit with weird etherial colors,
shot with hi tech imax gear. no?

RIM _ cleaning up Correggio

there were too many bodies in the Correggio dome fresco for me to be able to focuse on building layers.
I cleaned it up a bit (left) leaving only clouds and now can proceed with the foam model (right):